Thursday, January 31, 2008


Anybody remember the episode of "I LOVE LUCY" when they are in Paris, and Ricky tricks Lucy into wearing the feed bag? Well John Galiano does! Thank you eye on fashion Danny Allman


Who lets her out? Who says "Yeah wear that wig, it looks good". It must be the red bull!


That eternally handsome man about town MARK OLIVER is 39 today!
Happy birthday darling!

Monday, January 28, 2008


Fashion Stylist Tanus Lewis turned 29 AGAIN! We partied hardy at my studio till 4:00 am! My head still hurts! All her Glam friends showed up and made the night a blast!

Friday, January 25, 2008


It sure seems easy to become a "Fashion Icon" these days. I think it takes more than fake boobs and not wearing underpants, or having a stylist tell you what to wear. Icon not take it anymore! As far as I am concerned, Victoria Beckham is not an icon, she is a doll, a stick for other people to put bits of fabric on! She is a shopper (nothing wrong with that ) and a shopper is not an icon. Sarah Jessica Parker is always being touted as an icon, but isn't that because Patricia Fields dressed her for Sex in the City? In my day, an icon would never be caught dead in sweat pants! Paris Hilton, icon? Sure she looks good in clothes (when she can keep them on) but has she created a look that will last? Those horrid little Trollsen Twins have the money to buy couture, but that doesn't mean they look good in it. I wonder what Karl says when they leave the Chanel showroom? I think icon status comes with age - you have to prove that you are more than a flash in the pan, you need to have had hot flashes. The Hollywood trash of today doesn't hold a candle to the legendary icons like Diane Keaton, Cher, and Audrey Hepburn. These women looked and look terrific in everything from gowns to weekend wear. It's not about the clothes, it's the style and confidence in which they are worn. Nobody can pull off a white T-shirt, chinos, and sneakers like Lauren Hutton. Kate Hepburn made a white shirt a fashion staple. Jackie "O" made it all look effortless. It takes a bit of eccentricity to gain the title. Wacky Edie Beale (of Grey Gardens fame and cousin to Jackie Kennedy) is copied every season by somebody. Marlene Dietrich did her famous gender bending and changed the way women dress forever. The most fabulous icon is the fabled Marchesa Luisa Casati, famous in the 1920's throughout Europe and known for her line "I want to be a living work of art". The Marchesa wore live snakes as jewellery, her naked servants were gilded in gold as she walked the streets of Venice naked beneath her furs, leading her pet cheetahs on diamond studded leashes! Madonna is about to become an icon in a few months. My stylists friends who think Kate Moss looks amazing in everything and would go gaga over her even if she was wearing a barrel, tell me that she will achieve it one day. Me, I'm not impressed, but maybe she'll make it - only time will tell!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This outfit is guaranteed to get the shit kicked out of you!
Hey men Prada wants you to get out your TUTU'S !

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


A Blabbermouth Exclusive! Look at my friend, the fabulous makeup artist Yvonne Boismier Diamond Phillips' beautiful baby "Indigo"!
That is "Big Daddy Lou" making faces.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

WHAT THE .....

Sorry Mr. Galiano, but this does not make me want to buy your underpants!


Kursten Dunst looks great in the new Miu Miu ads! You likey?

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Looking for a trainer? Tim will bust that winter gut! From challenging kickboxing routines (artist Monique Mees swears by him)to weight routines, to gentle stretching, and everything in between! He ain't bad to look at either! Give him a call at 604 649 6466

Friday, January 18, 2008


Will it make you smell like a FACTORY GIRL?
Will the new fragrance from ANDY WARHOL (he's dead) last longer than 15 minutes?


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


My friend Denise sent me these pics of the Spice Girls concert in London! We finally have proof that white pants make everyone look fat! Why is it okay for women to lead men around on a leash , but degrading if it is women on all fours? And finally "Spot the dyke"!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Strange forgotten genius

I have rediscovered AUBREY BEARDSLEY, friend of Oscar Wilde. He died of tuberculosis at the young age of 26 in 1898. Someone should make a movie about him!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Check out this girl - her shoes are fucked up and she can't even walk in them! Don't let this happen to you!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I think Im going to go see a plastic surgeon, start smoking, and wear fur, P.E.strip, and crocs! I've been harping on about these things on CFUN for over a year now and no one is listening! I give up - if you cant beat em join em!

The other day in Holt Renfrew I saw a young woman in cut-off sweat pants with "JUICY", splashed across her ass, a wife beater with a black bra, flipflops, and a Louie Vitton purse. What is the world coming to?! I pine for the days of fine tailoring! I think I should change my moniker from "The Fashion Assassin" to "Bitchy McBitcherson" - all I ever do is BITCH! I want to change my tune, but it's hard with people like Lindsay Lohan running around sporting the "I forgot my pants" look - you know, that shirt over tights thing! That's all she ever wears. And I promised myself that I would not even mention Britney...but how can I not when her clothing choices are so hideous! Is she some sort of genius or Svengali that has us all hypnotized? Will it be another year of watching Paris and those dreadful Trollsen Twins? Or that up-and-coming disaster, potato-faced Rumor Willis?

It was a terrible year for fashion - I hated it all, and I blame people like me, and all the celebrity stylists who turned nice girls into tramps. I'm talking to you Rachel Zoe (who is getting her own show)! It's hard to get excited about fashion when the powers that be tell us romper suits are big for spring - just the name makes me want to hurl! I can't wait to see all the big grown up gals in their romper suits. And more Baby Doll dresses...Yuck! Grow up! Why would you wear anything called Baby?

I guess I am on a fashion bummer. The big thing was the Spice girls in Roberto Cavalli - I thought they looked dumb - Posh was popping out all over! And what's with the writers Golden Globes! - What am I supposed to report on, the picket lines? I have heard there may not be an Oscar red carpet for 2008! Maybe it is the apocalypse! Great, and we all won't have a thing to wear!

Who will be my muse for the new year? I love the way Katie Holmes dresses, but I just can't get past that Scientology thing. There's a rumor going around that she was impregnated with L. Ron Hubbard's sperm! - just like Rosemary's baby! I used to adore Goldie Hawn, but every time I see a picture of her it seems she's wearing fur. Maybe we have to look to the past, because the future of fashion is grim. But does that mean we have to dig up Audrey and Marilyn and the like? No, I think I will really go back...way back... before fashion and fellow eccentric genius Vivian Westwood, and make my muses Wilma Flintstone and the timeless Betty Rubble!

There are so many things I don't want to see in 2008, like tattoos, and that that store-bought rock star "mock star" look. You know, Chris Angel Mind Freak and that trashy Dita Von Ink or Kat Von Teese or whatever her name is! I want Mariah to put on a shirt and wear something else besides a tube. But my biggest wish is to see the end of the celebrity designer. No more vulgar outfits from Beyonce's "House of Derriere". No more Sean John Puffy Diddy Daddy crap. No more "Stuff by Duff" or lousy t-shirts from Sienna Miller. These people are not designers ..they cant even thread a needle!

Wow I feel a lot better..Bitching really is good for you!

Monday, January 07, 2008


Marc Jacobs is nuts! But I love him!


Does anybody out there still eat Kentucky Fried Chicken?


Sunday, January 06, 2008


I wish someone would take over "THE ONLY" - it used to be so great! The best clam chowder in town. And a whole loaf of thick homemade bread. There used to be lineups! It would only take a new owner and a good clean up!

Saturday, January 05, 2008


Fang brought me a bottle of Smirnoff instead of my beloved Stolli! I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Wow! A whole new year,new ideas ,new places,old friends and NEW! I hope everybody had a great time. I spent mine at long beach.

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