Thursday, September 20, 2007


Went to the Oakridge Fashion Show the other night! That Tracey Pincott and Tanus Lewis sure work hard! Saw Constance, ex-model and actor, daughter of the late Emery Barnes, who seems to be following in her father's footsteps, along with her stunning daughter Dylan! The show was good, but I must say the MC, Susie Wall, had on a really barfola dress! Stockings and a more modern shoe would have helped. In the words of Heidi Nutley, "Boy, I bet the White Spot was packed after the show"!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Terrific opening at "Blanket Gallery" Peter Schuyff is back from Holland and he and Neil Campbell have a show! Mary Janeway was there with her(is he getting handsomer) partner Charlie Rae. Sarah and Natalie looked chic as always. And Ex Model Alexandra Oliver looked gorgeous(pictured here with artist Carol Sawyer). Alexandra lives in Seattle with her two boys and husband, an ex model from Russia, Dragon.(ex model ? Sounds more like the KGB) Roy Arden was there, he has a show coming up at the VAG. John Anderson told me his secret to a silky beard and shiny hair is Clairol's Herbal essence.

Peter's Band "THE WOODWARDS" along with "JENNY ROSE"are playing tuesday night the 18th at 1616 Pandora st.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Artist Monique Mees Gets down and dirty on denman!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Keep it Classic!

Hi supermodels! Are you ready for fall fashion? or are you still shuffling around in flip flops and Capri pants? Have you been checking out all the mags and feeling a little perplexed?
Well if Mucia Prada has her way you will be wearing bath mats and knee highs! And those bad boys Dolce and Gabbana want to turn you into a cyborg dominatrix! You want to look modern but you don't want to look like Judy Jetson. My trick is to stick with classics and jazz them up with the latest accessories. Start with a base colour that works for you.. Black , brown , or my fave charcoal gray.
Buy a slim black pant and a brown or grey pair with a looser wider leg in a menswear cut. You need a good crisp white cotton shirt,tailored with a good stiff collar and french cuffs. Pick up a knee length pencil skirt(maybe with a bit of stretch in it, or a kick pleat at the back).THESE SKIRTS MAKE EVERYONE LOOK SEXY!If you buy it in black it can transition into evening in a pinch! A black cashmere sweater is a must, fitted and either v-neck or crew. DON'T SKIMP buy quality! A little cardigan is a good idea maybe in navy or brown. Everybody needs a short fitted jacket ..something with 3/4 sleeves to give it a feminine update. The coat for 2007 is a trench! Perfect for Vancouver(what with global warming)a heavy coat is just too much.You need a good high pump, something with a small platform and a rounded toe( those pointy ones are soo last century!) Pick up a ballet flat or a moccasin as well. Make sure all the pieces you buy have minimal detailing NO MUSS NO FUSS! That is what keeps it MODERN. Now you can add all the bells and whistles. DORI HAYES from Holt Renfrew loves the big chunky knits! A sweater or shawl in a crazy Bright THE BIGGER THE KNIT THE BETTER. SHE SAYS TO ADD SOME PATENT LEATHER TO YOUR WARDROBE , A BELT OR BAG OR HER FAVE THE ANKLE BOOT! Dori says coloured and patterned tights are a fun and inexpensive way to add some pop! Gloves are back in lots of styles and wild colors(and they hide age spots).

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Everybody's good at cooking something!

Nobody makes a blackberry crumble like Jeanie Lamb!
Watch for the recipe on my new blog (coming in a week) designer SHACK

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