Saturday, August 19, 2006


Hey! Boy did we luck out. Fang and I just got back from Bill and Deborah Gibson's place on Saturna Island. We had a gas! It was magnificent - a non stop nature show! Their place is right on the water (one of those houses you see from a boat and wonder who lives there). We saw whales leaping right up close and seal and sea lions non stop! Deborah was a terrific hostess and kept us laughing all weekend! She is also known as the Saturna salad queen! Her friend Craig was there too - he is a botanist and landscape designer from San Fransisco. He is really dreamy, and my new best friend!

Summer Fun!

Hi Gang! Sorry I have not been keeping Blabby up to date, but I have just been having too much fun! I was up at my friend Marilyn's place on Hornby Island! It was Magic!
My niece and nephew joined me (they were darlings)and Zack has the most beautifull eyes! We had lots of visitors including famous artist Charlie Rae, his sexy partner Mary Janeway (who is now designing web sites) and man about town Rick Erikson!

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